Happy Even After – Bonus Material

Below you will find all the Classroom Recordings and Transcripts from our Happy Even After course, as well as the Daily Heal Your Heart messages.

To download the recordings, transcripts or Heal Your Heart messages to your computer, right-click on the links
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Heal Your Heart Messages

Day 1: “The Principles and Practices of Conscious Uncoupling” See Classroom Recordings. 

Day 2: Awakening to the Positive Possible You of Your Future
Day 2 Audio

Day 3: Releasing Toxic Breakup Shame
Day 3 Audio

Day 4: Living in Alignment with Your Ideals
Day 4 Audio

Day 5: Embracing a Mindset of Growth
Day 5 Audio

Day 6: The Small, Sweet Steps of Healing & Heart Repair
Day 6 Audio

Day 7: The Journey from Grief to Growth
Day 7 Audio

Day 8: “Find Emotional Freedom” See Classroom Recordings.

Day 9: Restoring a Sense of Safety
Day 9 Audio

Day 10: Witnessing Your Inner Experience with Love
Day 10 Audio

Day 11: Bearing the Unbearable
Day 11 Audio

Day 12: What’s Waking Up Within You?
Day 12 Audio

Day 13: Making Something Beautiful of This
Day 13 Audio

Day 14: Talking Yourself Off the Ledge
Day 14 Audio

Day 15: “Reclaim Your Power & Your Life” See Classroom Recordings.

Day 16: Letting Go of a Victimized Perspective
Day 16 Audio

Day 17: Empowered Self Reflection
Day 17 Audio

Day 18: Connecting the Dots Between Now & Then
Day 18 Audio

Day 19: The Cost to Yourself & Others
Day 19 Audio

Day 20: Making Amends to Yourself
Day 20 Audio

Day 21: Embracing New Skills and Capacities
Day 21 Audio

Day 22: “Break the Pattern, Heal Your Heart” See Classroom Recordings.

Day 23: Seeing Your Source Fracture Story Clearly
Day 23 Audio

Day 24: Awakening to a Deeper Truth
Day 24 Audio

Day 25: Living from Power Center
Day 25 Audio

Day 26: Graduating from Your Painful Patterns in Love
Day 26 Audio

Day 27: Embracing Beginner’s Mind
Day 27 Audio

Day 28: Soul-to-Soul Meditation
Day 28 Audio

Day 29: “Become a Love Alchemist” See Classroom Recordings.

Day 30: Forgiving Ourselves & Others
Day 30 Audio

Day 31: Setting an Intention for a Positive Future in Your Relationship
Day 31 Audio

Day 32: Acknowledging the Gifts & Gains
Day 32 Audio

Day 33: Showing Up in New & More Empowered Ways
Day 33 Audio

Day 34: The Art of Golden Repair
Day 34 Audio

Day 35: Generative Communication
Day 35 Audio

Day 36: “Create Your Happy Even After Life” See Classroom Recordings.

Day 37: Moving Toward Acceptance
Day 37 Audio

Day 38: Creating New Agreements
Day 38 Audio

Day 39: Keeping Your Attention on Your Intention
Day 39 Audio

Day 40: Creating a Kindness Contract
Day 40 Audio

Day 41: Your Future Happiness in Love
Day 41 Audio

Day 42: Self-Appreciation
Day 42 Audio

Day 43: Finale – Celebration Call. See Classroom Recordings.