"Conscious Uncoupling will help you embrace the true meaning of forgiveness and restore your faith in love."

– Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

We enter our romantic relationships with great love, hope, and excitement –

we’ve found the ‘one’, so we plan and forge our futures together. But sometimes, for many different reasons, relationships come undone; they don’t work out.

Commonly, we view this as a personal failure, rather than an opportunity. And instead of honoring what we once meant to each other, we hoard bitterness and anger, stewing in shame and resentment.  Sometimes even lashing out in destructive and hurtful ways, despite the fact that we’re good people at heart. That’s natural: we’re almost biologically primed to respond this way.

Yet there is another path to the end of a relationship—one filled with mutual respect, kindness, and deep caring.  Katherine Woodward Thomas’s groundbreaking method, Conscious Uncoupling, provides the valuable skills and tools for you to travel this challenging terrain with five thoughtful and thought-provoking steps.

5 Steps To Conscious Uncoupling

» Step 1: Find Emotional Freedom
»Step 2: Reclaim Your Power and Your Life
»Step 3: Break the Pattern, Heal Your Heart
»Step 4: Become a Love Alchemist
»Step 5: Create Your Happy Even After Life

This paradigm-shifting guide will steer you away from a bitter end and toward a new life that’s empowered and flourishing.

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“Last week brilliant marriage and family therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, released Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, a manual that outlines and delves into ways a relationship can be completed and used as an opportunity for true healing and empowerment. It’s a must-read for the modern breakup.”

– goop.com

“Thomas proves herself compassionate and emotionally in-tune with the pain of love lost, and her guidance will likely usher many of those afflicted to a brighter, or at least less bitter, future.”

– Publishers Weekly

“I read the book. Oh my God, it is good. It felt like six sessions with an excellent therapist. It unearthed some deep stuff that will change the way I am in relationships in the future.”

– Red Magazine

Thought Leaders Share Their Praise for
Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling is a kind and compassionate guide on how to overcome breakup grief and use it to transform and enrich your entire life. The process Katherine Woodward Thomas provides will not only help make your heart whole again, but will also ensure a positive, hopeful future for all involved. A paradigm- shifting book that promises to uplevel how we collectively do breakups moving forward.”

~ JOHN GRAY, New York Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“During a breakup—a time that normally brings out the worst in us, Katherine Woodward Thomas takes us by the hand and helps us live in ways that are aligned with the highest and the best we have within us. With amazing clarity and depth, she’ll take the splinter out of your soul and support you to end your relationship in a way that leaves you, and those you care about, whole and complete rather than broken and damaged. I absolutely love this book!”

New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

“There is so much wisdom, heart, and humor in this book you’ll want to sleep with it under your pillow. Katherine communicates the real deal—you’ll see it immediately and breathe deeply for having such a friend on the path. Full of head, heart, body, and relational wisdom gathered from years of deep exploration, Conscious Uncoupling is the book that you’ve been looking for to guide you to true freedom. I loved it!”

New York Times bestselling coauthor of Conscious Loving and Conscious Loving Ever After

“Conscious Uncoupling is a powerful and groundbreaking process that provides a proven path to healing and wholeness from the devastation of heartbreak. From her decades of experience as a therapist and her personal story of divorce, Katherine Woodward Thomas reveals the transformative steps back to a life of love, freedom, and happiness.”

bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret