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Certified Coaches

Jane Velten

Dallas, TX

jane velten

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In the tight-knit, church-going community I grew up in, no one got divorced. Yet, 18 years into my first marriage, with two children, I found my world changing fast! My husband was a good man but staying married would have robbed us of the lives we were meant to live. Still, divorce was excruciating and there were no models at the time for how to come out whole on the other side.

Yet I found healing by becoming a certified facilitator in navigating conflict, gender, and cultural diversity. This path led me unexpected love, and we just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.

This remarkable journey led me to Katherine Woodward Thomas and her powerful “bookends” of intimate relationship: Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling. Here was the missing map I’d longed for those many years before!

Eventually, I became a Senior Mentor Coach in both of these powerful processes. Today, I also serve as Lead Coach directing a team of coaches who provide support and service within her community. I offer my coaching clients a compassionate, safe space, as well as the calm assurance that their relationships can end with grace, strength and faith in a happier future.


Lina Shanklin, MA, MS

Bay Area, CA

lina shanklin conscious uncoupling coach

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Are you ready to create a new beginning from this heartbreaking end? There’s light ahead.

Whether you’re facing the agonizing choice to stay or leave, experiencing shock and grief from a breakup, in the middle of a separation or divorce, struggling with toxic relationship dynamics, worried about ruining your kids or how to set up a healthy co-parenting relationship, Lina will bring her 35 years of experience as a transformational healer to help.

Lina has an international Conscious Uncoupling coaching practice, working skillfully and compassionately to guide you through this alternative to painful breakups, to help you shepherd your relationship to a healthy, honorable completion.

If you’re ready to dedicate the next 6 weeks to turning your heartbreak into a profound opportunity to break through the relationship patterns that got you here, and create a new life-affirming chapter, regardless of your age, previous efforts or challenges, including the added stress of uncoupling or co-parenting during the pandemic, simply reach out for a complimentary exploratory session.

A triply Certified Master Coach, Lina is also a teacher/ practitioner of several alternative modalities, including Advanced Reference Point Therapy and ThetaHealing, drawing from discoveries in neuroscience, spirituality and quantum healing on behalf of her clients.


Jeanne Byrd Romero, BFA

Surprise, AZ

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Jeanne Byrd Romero tenderly and masterfully guides people through the Conscious Uncoupling five-step process, freeing them from painful patterns of the past. As a Senior Conscious Uncoupling Coach, she brings reverence and compassion to the uncoupling, enabling each individual to experience wholeness and freedom to fully embrace their precious futures.

“During my work with Jeanne, I was able to embrace my pain and begin to heal wounds I had buried deep within myself”.   Fernanda, LA, CA

Personally certified and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas since 2005, Jeanne is also a Senior Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, and a Senior Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator.

Having just completed her Masters of Science degree in advanced health coaching and nutrition, Jeanne has created her signature program, Healthy Love, that includes creating self-care practices to design the body and love life you desire so that there is no hesitation when your Beloved comes knocking at your door.

And as a filmmaker, Jeanne also uses her advanced skills as a visual artist to help clients laser in on the most potent vision for their lives.

Jeanne lovingly navigated her own intuitive conscious uncoupling from her marriage of 16 years and is happily married again, calling in her Beloved using the principles of Calling in “The One”.


Dr. Joan Bragar, EdD

Boston, MA

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Dr. Joan Bragar holds her Doctorate from Harvard University and has worked as a Professor of Leadership at Boston University, as a management consultant, and as a coach to business owners through Harvard Business School Executive Education.

She collaborates with Katherine Woodward Thomas to coach individuals and couples who are choosing to create new forms of healthy family life through Conscious Uncoupling. She also co-designs and co-teaches with Katherine in The True Love Awakening transformational education programs. 

Joan brings a depth of experience and a breadth of knowledge to coach people to live a life they love. Her clarity, compassion, and comprehensive listening skills support her clients to have breakthroughs in all areas of their lives. 

Katherine Woodward Thomas personally coached Joan through her own Conscious Uncoupling process to complete her former marriage. She then worked with Katherine to bring fulfilling, happy, health love into her life using Katherine’s Calling in “The One” process. As a result, she was happily married at age sixty-two to Marc, whom she met on They are living a full life in Florida and Boston, working, staying fit, and enjoying their many children and grandchildren.

Joan is the author of Never Too Late for Love: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the Second Half of Life

She earned her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees from Harvard University. 

You can reach her at

Victoria Rose, BA (Hons.)

London, England

victoria rose conscious uncoupling coach

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When I was 6 my parents divorced. At the time this was rare. Both remarried, yet we had many fun family gatherings over the years. They remained close friends until my mother died 30 years later.

When I made the difficult decision to leave my own 11-year marriage, I naively thought it would be the same for us. Instead I was hit by a maelstrom of emotions and practicalities, including 2 little boys, one with significant learning difficulties. Neither my university education nor my corporate career had equipped me to handle this, and I struggled. Thankfully, I was introduced to a personal development program in 1994, and began my own journey of change.

Now I’m happily re-partnered with a blended family of 4 young adults. My book Eat That Elephant: Proven Systems for Becoming Clutter Free (2014) is an example of how my passion is to help others overcome their inner blocks.

Certified in Katherine Woodward Thomas’ work, I became one of the first Conscious Uncoupling coaches at its inception in 2011. Now a Senior Mentor Coach, it’s my privilege to guide others through this process, as well as assist in training other coaches. No one need go through this on their own!


Prem Glidden

Delray Beach, FL

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I wish I’d known about Conscious Uncoupling when I divorced 17 years ago from a 20- year marriage. Although we both wanted to treat each other with kindness and have our breakup have a minimal impact on our son, we didn’t have guidelines or support to help us. I knew there had to be a better way. Life led me to the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas, and I’ve had the blessing of being personally trained by her for more than a decade.

As a Senior Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I’ve successfully supported hundreds of individuals and couples to navigate the end of their relationships with kindness and generosity, as they heal their hearts and find a sense of wholeness and well-being again. Also certified as a Senior Calling in “the One” Coach and a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, I combine practical ability with intuition to offer empathy and compassion that can assist you to let go of the painful relational patterns, while teaching you the skills and capacities you need to create and sustain a healthy and happy life as you move forward.

My new book, Opening to Possibilities: Becoming Available to Love and Be Loved will be released in early 2021.


Lynne Michelson, MSW, CPCC

San Francisco, CA

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I was 22 and single, a graduate from an elite college, and horribly embarrassed when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t feel I had a choice and so married, hoping that love would happen to and for me. It didn’t happen, and divorcing 27 years later, I began a journey, looking to find and reclaim myself, my dreams and hopes. I came to see I truly can have a happy marriage. The Conscious Uncoupling program awakened a deep self-love in me which flourished, leading to a wonderful marriage to Elliot, and transformed my relationship with the father of my 3 children.

Professionally I draw from 25 years as a psychotherapist, body-centered mindfulness teacher and from over 15 years training relationship coaches. As a senior teacher at The Relationship Coaching Institute and Senior Mentor Coach for Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One,” I am excited to see people awakening and stepping into wonderful new levels of self-love, inspiration and creativity.

I hold a deep, caring and potent space for you to take your journey home to yourself. Here is a place to reconnect to your lovability, to embrace your gifts and reclaim your right to living happy even after.

Paige Ramsey-Palmer

San Antonio, TX

paige ramsey palmer

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After 16 years of marriage, my husband took his life. Suddenly, I was the single parent of our three daughters, ages 5, 11, and 13. The four of us spent years working through our heartbreak. Today, we’ve moved from just surviving to truly thriving. Through the Conscious Uncoupling program, I saw my part in our family’s problems and learned tools – including self-love, forgiveness and compassion – to overcome them and create the transformation I and we needed.

As a certified coach for Conscious Uncoupling, as well as for Calling In “The One,” I draw from my life experiences, combined with the powerful principles of this program, to help you move through the many kinds of losses that may have shaken your foundation. The best thing is, you don’t have to go through it alone; it’s my honor to walk through it with you.

I specialize in helping people who feel stuck in despair, to envision possibility and to no longer allow pain and loss to define their lives. As a skilled communicator and published author, I can help you learn to express your feelings and healthy needs, and live joyfully and purposefully every day of your life. Join me for a complimentary Discovery Session.


Janet Webber

Nova Scotia, Canada

janet webber

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After two failed marriages and a breakup so devastating it left me paralyzed with grief for over three years, I was first in line when Katherine Woodward Thomas launched her first-ever Conscious Uncoupling Coaches training in 2011.  


Having then experienced the profound healing of the process myself, I was excited to share this with my clients so they wouldn’t have to endure what I went through.


Since then, I’ve been working closely with Katherine Woodward Thomas supporting her online courses and, in 2015, became a Senior Mentor Coach for both her Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” Coach Training programs. 


I’m also a Martha Beck Life Coach (2009); Reality Therapy certified (2008); Trained in “The Work” of Byron Katie and Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), and, I have experience working with addiction and spiritual principles through Al-Anon and other recovery groups. 


It’s my privilege and joy to assist and witness the profound healing, transformation and rebirth of those willing to challenge themselves to walk a path less travelled and stand for goodness, freedom from old patterns and hold a vision of a new and brighter future for themselves and their children!


Niina Kurkinen-Nyholm

Helsinki, Finland

niina kurkinen-nyholm conscious uncoupling coach

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Niina Kurkinen-Nyholm is an entrepreneur and the first Conscious Uncoupling Apprentice Mentor Coach in Finland. She coaches in English and in Finnish. Niina has an international perspective on life, having lived in the U.K, France, U.S and Australia.

Niina works with individuals and supports them to move through the pain and the messiness of a breakup in a kind and loving way so that all involved can come out feeling supported and whole. She will inspire you to break free from your painful patterns in love and to learn ways to avoid choosing a similar relationship in the future. She will help you awaken to your true value, and partner with you in learning how to reach your fullest potential to love and be loved.

Niina has been personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas,  author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Live Happily Even After.

Dale Sparage, BFA, BA, MFA

Montara, California

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Skype: dalesparag

In 2008 Dale found herself going through a difficult and painful divorce. She resolved to move through it consciously, honorably and fairly, determined to use her experience to awaken and heal herself of old painful patterns in love. She also determined to make sure that she and her daughter healed fully, and in a way that would leave everyone involved happy, healthy and whole on the other side of that disappointment.

Dale Sparage, BFA, BA, MFA, is a Conscious Uncoupling Apprentice Mentor Coach who now helps to train incoming coaches. She is also an instructor of yoga and meditation. She is currently writing an eBook called Falling in Love When the World is Falling Apart.

Overcoming childhood abandonment and lacking healthy role models for intimacy in her youth, Dale understands all too well the loss and grief involved with letting go of love, and how to transform heartache into triumph. She draws from her experience in successfully completing her twenty-seven-year marriage, as well as a long-term relationship with a narcissist.


Suz Bagstad

Victoria, Canada

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Skype: suz.bagstad

Conscious Uncoupling caught my attention as I intuitively understood that navigating the end of a relationship with integrity, respect, and care prepares one for a healthier, happier, future, both in life and love. 


I loved Katherine Woodward Thomas’ idea of garnishing wisdom from the mistakes I’d made to consciously create a beautiful new life. My learnings allowed me to release old resentments, and old unconscious agreements I’d made long ago that had been limiting my love life.  I saw that my pattern was to over-give as I ‘auditioned’ for the role of partner by morphing myself into who I thought I should be to please the other person. 


Conscious Uncoupling empowered me to turn my habit of over-giving into one of being more receptive, becoming more visible by making my feelings and needs known to others in inspiring ways. I also learned to better pace relationships, and assess someone’s character and adjust and investment my expectations accordingly.


Now, as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I love supporting clients to learn their own wisdom lessons. I am also a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, and am able to recommend Feng Shui enhancements to help support a healthy, respectful uncoupling. 


Dr. Beth Bellman

Iowa City, IA

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Dr. Beth Bellman is a Conscious Uncoupling Certified Coach who is passionate and excited about sharing the Conscious Uncoupling transformational process with you. She brings over 20 years of experience as an educator and group facilitator to her individual coaching work. She is present and compassionate in her work and believes in each of her client’s ability to transform their lives and create the kind of loving relationship they desire. Beth is an active member and group facilitator in the LGBTQ community.

Beth worked for 14 years in outdoor experiential education teaching people they could accomplish more than they thought possible and how to work and communicate effectively in groups. Beth serves as a board member and volunteer with the Iowa City Learning Foundation. She is also a recent graduate of the High Performance Academy.

Eva Sázovská Andriessen

Brno/Czech Republic/Europe

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Stuck for years in an unhappy marriage, Eva believed she needed to keep her family together, no matter what. She lost sight of who she was and what she wanted in life, and it took great courage to finally learn to speak up, be confident again, and trust her own judgment. Out of her commitment to a better life, she was able to leave her first husband, and never turned back.

Eva now sees that having a Conscious Uncoupling could have saved years of unnecessary suffering. Happily, she’s since created a great relationship with her ex-husband, who comes to her house to celebrate their daughters’ birthdays, and she is now remarried to a wonderful man who is the father of their son, her third child.

Eva can help you use heartache as a catalyst for a better life, as she did. With her empathy and love, she will support you to get back to the happy side of love.

Eva is a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Calling in “The One” Coach, Performance Coach, Ontological and Transformation Coach, and a Talent Consultant. In her coaching practice, she’s worked with people from 18 countries (Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa). 

Eva speaks fluent English and Czech.

Jen Joyce

Littleton, CO

jen jennifer joyce

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After a youthful marriage and divorce, I found myself with two young children, no education, profession or support system. Life was all long hours and babysitters. Conscious Uncoupling was not yet created, but I sure wish that young woman had had me as a coach to guide her! My mantra at the time was, “I don’t know how but I’ve got to find a better life.” I went from there to a master’s degree and a career at Bell Labs. Then came Conscious Uncoupling and I knew I’d found the final key to my full transformation. 

Divorce can be a painful journey. My 20+ years in coaching can bring the support you need to make it through, doing the least amount of damage and having the most compassion – for yourself, your kids, your ex, and your family. That alone is worth everything. But there’s something even more that I want for you; to breakthrough to a bigger, brighter future. To see yourself fully happy, healthy and living an inspired life. 

If I’m speaking to you, please set up a complimentary Discovery Session. I also invite you to listen to my discussion about Conscious Uncoupling on Heather Garbutt’s podcast listed on my website.


Juliana Farrell, MA

Boston, MA

juliana farrell conscious uncoupling coach

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Juliana is a staunch advocate for her Conscious Uncoupling clients, supporting them to navigate difficult transitions with grace and compassion. She is committed to facilitating their healing so they can step into their fullest potential and flourish in their relationships, family, career, creative expression, and well-being.

Juliana has applied the coaching principles she’s learned to her own life to manifest a partnership with her soulmate and create a thriving blended family. A passionate stand for healthy step families, Juliana is a mother and step-mother of four, prioritizing the needs of children for love and enduring connection in changing family structures.

As a Senior Conscious Uncoupling Coach and the original Program Director of the Conscious Uncoupling Online Courses, Juliana is thrilled to support the ongoing expansion of the Conscious Uncoupling message by continuing to work with both individuals and couples who are uncoupling.

Juliana has a background in the entertainment Industry as a film and television producer in New York and Los Angeles. A former high school teacher, she is also the co-author of two non-fiction books for teens.

Juliana holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and a master’s degree from Columbia University.

Jennifer Zundel

Englewood, CO

jennifer zundel conscious uncoupling coach

Phone: 303.352.1970
Skype: Jennifer Zundel

Are you feeling devastated from disappointment in love, when you really want to be married and possibly even still have a family? Before this work, Jennifer found herself repeatedly in relationships that weren’t right for her, and then spending years getting over them. Yet all the while, she felt her chances for having a family slipping away because she was wasting time stuck in the past, and had closed her heart to new love.

Jennifer is a Calling in “The One” Coach who became a Conscious Uncoupling Coach as well, because on your way to finding love, the quicker you let go of Not “The Ones,” the sooner you get back on track to manifesting your Soulmate. Having lived in Italy many years, she speaks Italian, and previously taught English as a Second Language, so welcomes international clients. She’s also a visual artist, and plays violin.

Jennifer holds a space of profound compassion for clients feeling confused and alone at the end of a relationship. She can guide you through the heartache of disappointment, and support you to gain the insights you need, so you are free to move forwards and create the happiness in love you truly desire.

Jennifer speaks English and Italian.


Leila Reyes, MSW


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Leila Reyes can help you set healthy boundaries! After successfully healing herself of emotional, physical, and sexual trauma, Leila now knows how to create relationships that are characterized by safety, reliability, and authenticity. And she’d now love to help you to do the same.


Leila served as Training Director for the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” Coach Training Programs for five years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a Hakomi graduate (somatic psychotherapy), has served as a Mentor Coach for The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, and is certified in Spiritual Divorce and Best Year of Your Life coaching programs. She is also Lead Coach for Marci Shimoff’s Your Year of Miracles program. And as Head Coach of Katherine Woodward Thomas’s most recent True Love Awakening Masterclass program, Leila works closely with Katherine to help people transform even the most stubborn of patterns.


Leila has coached thousands of people since she began her coaching career in 2004,  and is known for her compassionate and gentle strength, as well as her insightful ability to awaken you to the truth of your power and worth. She can help you to navigate the end of your relationship in a way that leaves you free to consciously create a life you love.


Krista Masonis, IACH DIHom, MAAS

Cairo, Egypt

Email: krista.e.masonis@
Phone: +20 1001221047

Krista knows what it’s like to feel as if you’re in a straightjacket in your intimate relationship. Where you wish you could run away and never look back. Through her commitment to overcome the trauma and struggle of such relationships, she found Katherine Woodward Thomas’s pioneering work, which empowered her to find safety, freedom and joy. She’s now delighted to help others do the same.

Raised and educated in the U.S., Belgium, Syria, and Egypt, Krista’s lived and worked in Egypt for over thirty years as a leader in law and human rights advocacy. She’s also a certified Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” Coach, Homeopath, and Flower Essence Practitioner. Krista advocates for your wellbeing with her supportive, wholistic approach and unique coaching style.

She’s a recognized expert in abusive relationship patterns, and commands extensive experience working with men and women, to safely navigate both toxic and culturally sensitive relationship dynamics. Krista’s Conscious Uncoupling work supports anyone looking to step out of unhealthy relationship patterns — whether that’s who you’re being inside of that relationship, or completing the relationship entirely. She will guide you through while enhancing your level of self-care, self-worth, and empowering you to make good personal choices.

Krista speaks fluent English and Arabic.

Noelle Davis

Austin, TX

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My path to becoming a relationship coach unfolded over many years and after co-creating a string of painful relationships. Having first-hand experience of the heartache and emotional trauma that results from a breakup and longing for love enables me to connect with my clients with compassion and empathy.

Before coaching, I worked for seven years as a legal assistant to a family law attorney where I acted as a compassionate first responder and guide to thousands of people experiencing personal relationship breakdowns.

After years of assisting fractured families at work and exploring various methods and philosophies for healing my own relationships, I was introduced to Conscious Uncoupling and from that moment on my life was forever changed. I was finally able to identify and remove the painful splinters from my soul and set a new inspired course for my future.  

Now as a certified coach, it is my honor to serve as a conduit for those who are ready to create a breakthrough to positive life changes. With training in kink awareness, polyamory, LGBTQ and open relationships, I am able to meet you where you are and help you embrace the love and relationship style that is authentic to you.

Susierra Willson, B. Mus., RMT

Toronto, Canada

susierra wilson

Phone: 416.432.5597
Skype: su.willson
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Susierra has been involved in this exceptional work since 2012 and is now a Conscious Uncoupling Apprentice Mentor Coach. The Conscious Uncoupling work provided key pieces to authentically healing herself and allowing transformation in many of her relationships. As a life-long seeker, she has explored many areas of psychotherapy, body care  and spirituality and found this work outstanding in its ability to produce quick and lasting results. Related courses in Love Mastery and Feminine Power Mastery have allowed her to deepen her facilitation skills with individuals and groups.

Susierra’s early life involved lots of sports and musical performances for which she honed an awareness of what made her own body function at its best. Fitness, nutrition and meditation are also areas where Susierra has highly developed expertise and knowledge.

Susierra is a highly sought-after coach with local and internationally based clients and is also a well-known massage therapist. Her passion is to empower people to find their own version of “Happy Ever/Even After”.


Eileen Jager

Easthampton, MA

eileen jager conscious uncoupling coach 3

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My father died when I was 8 years old, and as a highly sensitive empathic child I took on the role of parenting my mother. As I consciously uncoupled from my mother and the wounded stories of old love, I realized that I didn’t have the skills to create healthy relationships – instead I knew how to disappear myself to stay safe, and attracted absent, unavailable men. Codependent no more!  I stand before you today as a woman in the fullness of juicy creative power, skillfully growing a vibrant relational field.
As an artist and feng-shui practitioner I LOVE bringing beauty & balance to life, supporting you to imagine and create a living space and lifestyle that nourishes body, mind, heart and soul. In the midst of a breakup and beyond.
I’m a love alchemist, skillfully guiding clients to liberate the painful patterns of the past, generate clarity and an empowered center from which to create your happily “even after” future.
Mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas since 2013, I’m a Certified Coach in Conscious Uncoupling™ and Calling in “The One.”™  I’m trained in Interior Alignment Feng Shui, Aura-Soma, SkyDancing Tantra, ISTA and The School of Womanly Arts.


Carrie McLlwain , B.S.W., M.S.W.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Phone: 416.528.9045

Carrie’s mission is to help those who have experienced suffering take the sliver out of their soul and live a life of freedom, deep love and joy. 

Carrie’s own experience of deep suffering, after accidentally finding out about her husband’s affair following the birth of their third child, threw her into a journey of healing.  Even after years of therapy, she still felt wounded. Then she found Katherine Woodward Thomas. Through Katherine’s approach Carrie gained clarity and strategies to shift from wounded beliefs and patterns into self love and become a creator of her own freedom, deep love and joy. 

Carrie McLlwain, B.S.W., M.S.W., certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach,  has been a trauma therapist for twenty years and has worked with children, parents, couples and families who have experienced toxic patterns and suffering. Through her years as a somatic trauma therapist and from her own personal healing journey, Carrie has found a way to release these patterns of suffering faster by helping clients unlock the cellular trauma that is trapped in the body. Carrie helps uncover patterns, which then creates the freedom that is needed to move her clients’ lives forward out of unhealthy patterns and suffering and into a life of freedom, deep love and joy.


Greg Wheeler, MS Eng, PMP

Princeton Area, NJ

greg wheeler conscious uncoupling coach

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As a divorced single dad raising 4 kids for 21 years without family or their mom in the state, Greg is well equipped to help his clients move through difficult transitions with integrity and clarity. As a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Calling In “The One”, Love, and a Single Dads Coach, Greg displays empathy, experience and sensitivity helping his clients transform their challenges and breakdowns with divorce, relationships, love, parenting, career and more into powerful breakthroughs that allow them to create happier, healthier, more loving and rewarding lives for themselves and their children.

Author of the groundbreaking book “Single Dad Essentials”, Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Certified Integrated Energy Therapy master with over 20 years of career transition coaching, Greg utilizes a unique and effective blend of proven problem-solving skills and partners fully with his clients to create dramatic quality-of-life improvements. Sign up for your free complimentary 30+ minute session here

Before Coaching, Greg used his Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering to lead 35 new product R&D programs, hold two VP positions, manage a $34 Million program and earn 6 patents. Yet raising his 4 children to be healthy and happy is by far his greatest achievement!


Cheryl G Roberts

Stevens Point, WI

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Skype: chercher711

Navigating a painful divorce from a narcissist, losing her son, and living with a disability has given Cheryl compassionate listening expertise as well as the ability to guide clients out of despair and into envisioning a new life. She is an expert in the subject of gaslighting and in steering clients into owning their power.


Cheryl is a Conscious Uncoupling Apprentice Mentor Coach, personally certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas. She’s also a certified Calling in “The One” Coach through Katherine Woodward Thomas and a certified Clutter Coach through the Denise Linn method of transformation. 


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Social Welfare, Cheryl became inspired to support people on their journeys of discovery. After her own divorce, she understands the complexities of un-partnering from a narcissist. Her commitment to your recovery from heartbreak and often confusion to your transformation into a healthy, whole person is supported by her keen intuition and empathy.  


Heather Garbutt

Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

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I married at 34 with the hope and expectation of a long and happy marriage with children and fulfilment. Over time, it fell apart as we sank into power struggles and mutual criticism. We divorced a few years later. I now see that even if my former husband wanted to love and cherish me, I would have conditioned him to devalue and dismiss me because my beliefs from childhood that made me absent to my feelings and needs. 

Yet a few years later, I’d called a new relationship. Yet I wanted to ensure that old patterns that sabotaged my marriage were cleared, to give my new relationship the best chance of success and happiness. That’s what inspired me to train in Conscious Uncoupling where I learned to honor myself, to show up with new skills, as well as communicate in ways that created closeness and trust. As a psychotherapist of 35 years, I was surprised to discover whole new levels of insight and empowerment to create happy, loving relationships.

Whether it’s a fresh separation or one from your past, I would love to work with you and set you free to live your full and beautiful life, and maybe even find true love.


Anastasia Frank

Montclair, NJ

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Skype: anastasiasfrank

Anastasia specializes in supporting highly driven women & couples to navigate a divorce or breakup in the most loving and empowered way possible. 

Anastasia is a powerful, fiercely loving coach who believes every woman deserves to live the most joyful, connected, and empowered life possible, especially during and after a breakup. 

A Princeton graduate who worked in finance and film before devoting her life to women’s empowerment, Anastasia is dedicated to helping women rediscover their joy, power, and passion after a painful divorce or breakup.  

Anastasia used the tools of Conscious Uncoupling to navigate her own divorce in a deeply kind and mutually empowering way, and she has built a loving blended family that includes her stepson and his mother. 

She has helped dozens of women to create similarly respectful and empowering separations, as well as to go on to create their next deeply aligned partnership or marriage, once they’re ready. Her clients include CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and artists. 

Anastasia brings deep intelligence, wisdom, intuitive insight, compassion, and passionate commitment to coaching her clients. She serves as their fiercest advocate and ally, stopping at nothing to support them in having the most positive Conscious Uncoupling process possible.  

You can reach her at AnastasiaFrank

Janet Jones, MA, LPC

San Jose, CA

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Phone: 719.533.1088
Available on Zoom, Facetime, or phone

Have you experienced the unspoken despair of discovering your partner or spouse is not straight? For years Janet has provided group facilitation and phone support to fellow members of the Straight Spouse Network (SSN). She assists “straights” in dealing with the accompanying roller coaster of emotions and decision-making that results when a partner comes out as LGBTQ.

Having uncoupled from her own spouse of 33 years while in her 60s, Janet also lived and understands another unique experience, that of breaking up later in life, known as “Gray Divorce.”

Janet has worked for over 20 years with high-conflict couples as a licensed psychotherapist, educator, and family investigator for the court. After observing the anguish of her clients and their children she longed to find a constructive, loving way for these families to live in harmony and peace “even after.”

Conscious Uncoupling allows Janet to help “straights,” older divorcees, and high-conflict families consciously work through unresolved and subconscious issues, even years after the breakup and without the ex’s involvement. By uncoupling consciously, you can break your old patterns and reclaim your power while maintaining healthy boundaries and relationships with your ex-partner and your children.

Beth Bachman

St. Louis, MO

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After the loss of your spouse, your heart and soul can feel irreparably damaged. You may feel alone, confused, and hurt. As your Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I gently help you uncouple from your old way of thinking and make the transformation from feeling lost to finding your new sense of self.


My personal journey began when my husband of 31 years passed away. I felt lost and unable to find my way. Through much prayer and guidance, I found a pathway to rediscover who I am and to fall in love with life again in a healthy and empowering way. This experience inspired me to become a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach.


I was personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas as both a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach. My background includes working as a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Business Coach. My passion is to help widows and divorced women transition from unutterable grief and loss to finding their voice, self love, and hope for their future.

Jennifer Muellner

Kingwood, TX


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Meet via zoom, facetime, and conference call.

Do you feel like you just don’t have the time or energy to give to yet another breakup trauma? As a single, working mother in a highly demanding job as an airline pilot, I can relate. My own share of breakup trauma was exhausting. It took me away from creating the life I desired to be living, and I worried constantly about what I was modeling for my child.

My initial experience with Conscious Uncoupling was for my own personal development. However, after experiencing firsthand the liberation it facilitates, I became certified in both Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One.”

As a coach, I’ll help shepherd you through the dark and scary times, with the goal of transforming the negativity into something meaningful and beautiful. The skills I possess as an airline pilot allows me to be an experienced and trustworthy guide. I’m able to create an environment where you’ll feel safe to explore difficult feelings, gain a more empowered perspective, and move toward a happier, healthier life.

It would give me great joy to help you find a way to put the exhausting days behind you, and return your heart and home to wholeness, emotional freedom, and create a better life for yourself and your children.

Devon Ervin, MA

Beaverton, Oregon

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After successfully navigating her own Conscious Uncoupling, Devon felt called to help others experience the peace and magic that comes with ending a relationship well. Now, her two young, adopted daughters are thriving and her relationship with her co-parent and former husband is healthy, supportive and kind. 

Devon is a gifted writer and knows the healing power of finding one’s voice through the written word. Devon was a Psychotherapist before launching her coaching career, and holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She’s been helping people make positive changes in their lives for many years now, often using the arts a catalyst for positive change.

Devon is gifted at helping the broken-hearted move toward peace and acceptance. Her patience, compassion, and integrity provide a safe and supportive space for transformation. She will empower you to move away from old painful patterns and replace them with healthier, happier ones. She will guide you through the pain and messiness of a breakup in a loving way so all involved can come out feeling supported, healthy and whole.

Carole Vaporean, MBA

New York, NY


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Available on Zoom

I am a bold, passionate and radiant woman, who leads with my power in relationships and in life. But it wasn’t always that way…

For years, I thought of myself as a liberated woman who knew what I wanted in a man and would settle for nothing less. Once married, I continually gave my power away to my husband, believing I had to defer to his needs and desires to keep love alive. I sought validation from my job as a powerhouse financial journalist, and found myself spending more and more time there. In truth, I felt unfulfilled and stressed out. Still, I was devastated when my husband left. I had given him so much, I hardly knew who I was anymore.

That’s when I found Katherine Woodward Thomas, whose programs taught me that no matter how much it seemed like my husband was at fault, I, too, was responsible for my marriage falling apart. By owning my part, I discovered the source of my true power always comes from within. Today, my ex-husband and I are good friends who communicate regularly.

I’m certified in both Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” and will support you to end your relationship with grace, compassion and love.

Tjitske Duiker

Faversham, Kent, UK

Phone: +44 7943265880

Have you ever felt it’s not safe to speak your truth? I learned that I had created a lack of safety in relationships by hiding my needs, making myself invisible and not speaking my truth. This meant people didn’t get to know the real me. Sometimes the pain of a break up is the opportunity to look for what hasn’t been working in your relationships.

During the Conscious Uncoupling process I learned to connect more deeply with people, to honour my own needs and learned ways in which I could speak my truth while remaining safe. Despite being a busy and successful chiropractor, I trained with Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT to become certified as coach in Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One.”

Now I get to help people who go through a break up, or who haven’t been able to move on after a break up, how to empower themselves to feel safe and secure within themselves, and in their relationships. You don’t have to do it alone. I can be your partner in the process. Join me for a complimentary Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Carrie Fitzgerald

Washington, D.C.

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When I divorced decades ago, we didn’t say “personal integrity” or “living in alignment”, but we were determined to be civil and kind to minimize trauma to our young children. I often felt alone in that stance, but I discovered this: my feelings and responses are under my control. I could choose to be the person I wanted to be; I could live in integrity and in alignment. Everyone has this choice. Sometimes you need guidance to arrive there.

Conscious Uncoupling offers a clear path to personal integrity and living aligned with your ethics, and I am thrilled to combine my training with my personal experience to guide you. I am a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach and will receive a certificate in the True You Awakening Masterclass course (September 2020).

Breakups and divorce can really shake our world, even if they happened years ago. If you are in a relationship unsure what to do, going through divorce, or processing your past, I am here to coach you into living in your integrity and help you gain empowered meaning from the experience. No matter what, we can learn to live in our alignment and stand for a new future. Multi-cultural, LGBTQ, and Anti-racist ally.

Robert Zondag

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Phone: 414-218-3254

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I understand the process of healing, and how working with a trained coach can make the difference in personal transformation. Throughout my journey I have come to trust the process of life, even during the most difficult of times. And it is my intention to help others experience this also.

In my coaching practice, I work with individuals at every stage of their relationship: before, during, and, after divorce or breakup. I collaborate with my clients as they seek clarity on difficult decisions. These decisions can include whether to stay or leave a relationship or how to start anew after a relationship ends. As a coach, I focus on partnering with my clients in changing their lives; providing my clients tools to navigate their breakup and supporting my clients as they gain new skills to master life. I work with all types of relationships with particular expertise in the unique needs of same sex couples.

I integrate my coaching practice with my professional career in strategic planning with business owners, entrepreneurs and corporations, applying many of the same principles as I do with individual clients. It has been my pleasure to work with clients throughout the world at all stages of life.


Tiffany Patterson

Oklahoma City, OK

Tiffany Patterson

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Email: Coaching.At.Tiffanys

Phone: 817.713.7387

Do you feel like you’ve given your power away in your relationship? Do you question who’s looking back at you in the mirror? Tiffany went through her own difficult divorce and then lost a beloved to death. She knows firsthand what it feels like to be lost, heartbroken and disconnected from life, others and herself.

During her next breakup, she discovered Katherine’s work. She was determined to do things differently and generate loving kindness. She was Divinely guided to become a certified coach. She now uses the Conscious Uncoupling process to undo the unhealthy dynamics and patterns that were in all her relationships.

She helps successful people gain their power back. Her passion is to shepherd others out of the valley of darkness and back into the light. To help others find their way home that’s deep within themselves. To use their voice to step into who God made them to be!

In this world of chaos, we are called to be peacemakers, actively declaring hope for our futures! No matter where you are in the process, this work will transform you! A breakup is not a failure; it means you took a chance on love! What’s standing on the other side of this valley is destiny, life and your true self!


Kamini Wood

Cary, NC

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Zoom meetings, and facetime available

Are you recovering from a toxic relationship? Did you do everything to please your former partner receiving very little in return?

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, in an Indian family as a first-generation American. Having darker skin and a very odd name, I secretly felt that in order to be accepted I need to prove my worth and please others.

I became addicted to others’ accolades and approval as well as “making everyone happy”.

Fast forward 13 years, I became a wife, a mom times five, and manager of my husband’s law firm. These new labels – mom, wife, manager – and other’s happiness defined my identity and if I was “enough” or valuable.

Being a mom was my catalyst. Realizing that I wanted to demonstrate internal leadership to my children was what I needed to do, and that I was not here to please others or be responsible for their happiness.

Is it possible your breakup was your catalyst? Are you ready to heal?

It’s never too late to step back into your power. As a Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach I am ready to support you when you’re ready. 


Kate Carson M.A.

Santa Barbara, CA

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Phone: 805.204.7344
Sessions held via Zoom/Facetime

I work with women in mid-life who are at a crossroads in their relationship, know that something needs to change, yet who struggle with the decision of whether to stay or go. 

Often women put themselves on hold while prioritizing parenting, and other responsibilities over their needs. They lose themselves, feeling unseen and unheard, and believe they need to leave to reclaim themselves. I thought so too.

I met my love during my divorce and quickly moved from one relationship to the next.  Lacking clarity and completion of our prior marriages, we were ripe to repeat our mistakes and recreated the same unhealthy dynamics with each other…on steroids. 

I was determined that we end “well”.  Conscious Uncoupling taught me the value and mechanics of creating relational repairs, and generating deeper trust and intimacy in any relationship. In the end, we chose to “consciously re-couple.”  Our new normal is peaceful, loving, respectful, sexy and fun! 

Whether your path is to Consciously Uncouple or Consciously Re-couple, my kind, gentle, and direct approach can support you to get clear on your relationship goals, make strategic decisions and foster healthy relationships with those who matter most. 

I hold an MA in Spiritual Psychology, and have been helping people create positive relational change since 2006.


Dorothea Behrmann

Hamburg, Germany


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Are you worried about your family now that you’ve decided to divorce?

I know how important it is to navigate this difficult time in a way that has minimal impact on your children. This is an area of passion for me because as a child, my parents uncoupled in a way that was unkind. Oftentimes, they put me in the middle and made me feel I had to choose between them.

When I met my husband at 35, he already had two teenagers. I understand the patience and compromises required to build a healthy blended family. Today, we all celebrate important occasions together with our children, ex-partners and their new partners.

These experiences inspired me to become a therapist and coach. For the last 15 years, I’ve helped people with their relationship issues and to navigate the transition of separation and divorce in the most conscious way.

In 2019, I became a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas. My work with Conscious Uncoupling was recently published in the biggest German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” and other famous  magazines like “Emotion” and “Heyday magazine”.

As I’ve lived in Spain for years, I’m able to coach in Spanish, German and English.

I’d love to help you create your happy “post-divorce family.”


Angela Barrett

Greater Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Skype: timange6466

Angela is a qualified psychotherapist and an experienced Calling in “The One” coach who has supported hundreds of individuals to change the trajectory of their love life and have their healthiest, most fulfilling relationship ever.

A compassionate, practical and effective coach, Angela provides a safe space for her clients to identify and transform their unconscious beliefs and barriers to love.

Her clients have significant positive shifts within themselves and in their love lives. Most have gone on to have breakthrough relationships, to be engaged or married or to be in their first-ever successful relationship. All have gone on to be more authentically themselves in their lives.

Angela is a wife and mother of two teenage girls and worked in the media before devoting herself to helping people find love. She is also a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach and often coaches people through a Conscious
before the Calling in “The One” program.

She runs her practice north of Sydney, Australia, and sees clients from anywhere in the world on Zoom.

Angela is a warm-hearted coach, passionate about love and connection, and for the past 25 years has studied with respected teachers in the areas of
relationships, transformation, energy healing and meditation.

Martina Meyer

Alexandria, VA

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Phone: 703.982.0517

After moving from Germany to the US, I had become a successful entrepreneur – single-handedly building and selling a prosperous enterprise. I had traveled widely and owned multiple homes. Yet, when my 16-year-marriage ended, I was unprepared for feeling such pain, loss, and loneliness. I thought I had to be strong, self-sufficient, and invulnerable – especially in the face of failure. It was hard to admit, but I needed help figuring out how to emotionally uncouple from my marriage and from the woman I used to be.

Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Conscious Uncoupling program changed my life – my experience of myself, the world around me, and the people in it. I went from feeling stuck in a silent B&W movie to thriving in vibrant 3D IMAX with surround sound – living a life I LOVE in a whole new world of joy, love, aliveness, and possibility (…and Tango)! And I would love such “aliveness” for you, too.

As a certified coach, not only for Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”, but also for The Grief Recovery Method®️, DreamBuilding®️, and Movement Education I will facilitate a full body-mind-soul experience for you. (Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), Tango dancer and Alexander Technique Apprentice)


Dr. Suzanne Yessayan, MA, BA, CHt

Los Angeles, CA

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There’s no manual for how to become the “you” you’d like to be. Yet, I’d love to be your guide once you determine to find your way home to your true self.

Through my own experience of people-pleasing, I struggled with self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth issues. I worried what other people thought of me with a driven desire to belong, to be loved and respected. For years, I conformed to what I thought others wanted me to be or do. I was lost and never felt like I was home with myself or anywhere.

Through years of study, getting my PhD and becoming a masterful Hypnotherapist in the process, as well as a certified coach of Katherine Woodward Thomas’s work, I overcame my feelings of never quite fitting in. You too can find your place in this world where your heart and spirit are in alignment. What I realized in my quest to belong is that you have to create your own belonging, and to bring it into the room with you. Let me help you on your pathway to wholeness.


Cindy Sorensen, MPS

San Juan Capistrano, CA

cindy sorensen

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Skype: cindywiz

I thought I’d found the love of my life, and moved 3,000 miles to be with him. I’d been divorced and I had worked hard to understand why my marriage had not worked. I was committed to putting everything I’d learned into this new relationship. When it fell apart, I was devastated, heartbroken and disillusioned. In my pain, I made the decision to focus on my career instead of relationships. I closed my heart like many of us do when we’re shattered. I’ve since learned there’s another choice: to let our hearts break open to fully love ourselves, and compassionately create a more fulfilling future. Conscious Uncoupling is the guide for how to do this for yourself and your family.

Along with extensive training with Katherine Woodward Thomas, I’ve been a counselor, teacher, coach and healer for over 25 years. I studied at Occidental College and got a Master’s in Human Relations with a concentration in Clinical Counseling from New York Institute of Technology. I’m also a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, and help train new practitioners. I’m passionately committed to helping people heal through this challenging transition, so they can have happier, healthier relationships and overall well-being. I will support you every step of the way.


Joyce Ayers

Austin, TX

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Email: AwakenWellnessWithin
Phone: 734-476-7574

Ending a relationship asks us to find the courage within ourselves, trust in our ability to make difficult decisions, and give ourselves compassion along the way. 

As you long for completion and healing from your breakup, Joyce compassionately, and lovingly provides a space in which to feel nurtured and supported as you begin to embrace a new season in life where love is abundant.

Joyce reached deep within herself to find the strength, courage, and wisdom to release herself and her husband after a 30-year relationship.   So much love still existed yet it was time to part ways.  The inner conflict of loving the other and needing to put herself first was supported through the Conscious Uncoupling program. Becoming individual people once again, they were able to see the beauty in the other that was not possible for a long time.

Joyce Ayers brings her experience and knowledge as a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Embodiment Coach, Yoga Instructor, Energy and Bodyworker to the healing her clients desire for themselves.  She is honored to walk along-side your awakening moments, transformation, healing, and rebirth as you navigate the confusion, doubt, and pain within.


Dorrit Morley

New York City, NY

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Phone: 917-374-4768
Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or by phone

After a long marriage, Dorrit successfully navigated a “conscious uncoupling” before she knew the term existed. She was able to come out the other side of their separation emotionally whole and free of resentment. She not only found her freedom, but she was also able to recreate her family to be happy even after divorce.   

Dorrit is a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach and is committed to helping people evolve beyond toxic relationship patterns and learn new, healthier ones.  With kindness, honor, and love, Dorrit helps her clients to move through the 5-step process of letting go, and into a future of respect, self-esteem, and authenticity that will empower them to thrive. 

After a successful career in the fashion industry, Dorrit has now found her calling in the Conscious Uncoupling program.  She is a wise, empathetic, and non-judgmental listener who is committed to guiding her clients towards a path of positive and lasting breakthroughs in love and life. 

Dorrit is a graduate of Georgetown University, and lives in New York City with her three well-adjusted teenage children.


Ramona Miron

St. Gallen, Switzerland


Email: ramona.
Phone: +41 78 748 14 94
Free Conference Call

Do you find yourself in the midst of a heartbreaking break-up or contemplating a divorce? Are you still longing for closure? Or feel disappointed and sick of repeating that sad story over and over again?

Going through the Conscious Uncoupling process myself, I learned that there are many gifts in ending a relationship well. That courage and integrity will be rewarded. That people can find closure within themselves. My truth and passion now lies in guiding and supporting others through difficult times to discover this too.

Love is love. My coaching is open-minded and a stand for kindness, courage, growth, generosity, and respect. During our coaching, I will guide you through the Conscious Uncoupling process, beyond guilt and shame towards clarity, peace and the best possible outcome for you and all those involved. My top priority being always the wellbeing of the children, if there are any.

My clients move in just a short few weeks away from pain and powerlessness to healing, reclaiming their power and looking towards a future that holds happy, healthy relationships. A future which holds inner peace and actualized potential, as well. 

Coaching is available in: English, German and Romanian.

Isandra Muñoz Bonilla, JD

Puerto Rico

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Phone: 787-664-9255
Skype: isandra.munoz

I am a transformative educator committed to the co-creation of a better world.  When facing a divorce and having fears of shattering my children’s lives, I wanted to do everything possible to proceed with integrity and create fertile ground for our family to thrive. I believe I did.

Experiencing my parents’ divorce and being a lawyer were not the qualifications that gave me the skills to achieve this. However, when I took a deep dive into Katherine’s work, I learned the tools to stay true to myself and consciously uncouple in healthy ways.

Consequently, I was inspired to become a coach as a way to help usher in a more evolved world. I also work with organizations as a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Consultant, and aspire to awaken people’s ability to love themselves as the foundation for creating happy love with others.

Yet when a breakup is inevitable, I support conscious people to bring forth their best self from a place of wisdom and power. This enables them to uncouple in healthy ways while staying true to their highest visions and selves at each moment of choice.

As both a Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach, I offer services in English and Spanish.


Keren Clark, MA, LMFT

Southern California

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At 50 years old I realized that I was married to a man who both loved and hated me, who put me on a pedestal and continually tried to knock me off of it. Despite decades as a psychotherapist I had become invisible to my own needs and just couldn’t do it any more. With three children under the age of 13, I got a divorce.

In 2012 I was one of the first coaches trained in Conscious Uncoupling. I felt compelled to help bring Katherine’s groundbreaking work into the world given its alignment with my calling, the pain of the loss of my marriage, and my own transformation from invisibility into passion and power.

I have been drawn to cutting edge therapies, coaching models and spiritual paths for over 35 years, weaving them all into my unique approach. I also specialize in the treatment of trauma and personality disorders and am intensively trained in DBT.

I align with my client’s highest and best, guiding them to mentor themselves through the pain of a breakup or trauma, recent or past. I stand with my clients to release past patterns and hurts in service to building lives worth living “even after”.