Consulting with Katherine

Katherine has been coaching uncoupling couples and individuals for nearly 30 years.

Katherine has worked intimately with individuals, couples and with small coaching circles for nearly three decades. While there are times she’s unable to see people privately due to her intense writing and teaching schedule, when she does have openings in her calendar, she will see people by providing custom designed concierge & coaching services.

“I can say with full confidence that the conscious uncoupling program has had more impact on my life than any other in the past year. When my former wife, Heather and I first decided to get a divorce, we found this beautiful path forward that would benefit our children, and help us find our way to authentic friendship/partnership.  Since our divorce was final, we have tested our “new agreements” and have found the most beautiful friendship and co-parenting foundation that will serve our family and kids for years to come.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Katherine for conscious uncoupling and for guiding us personally through the process.”

Founder of TOMS, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist

Custom Designed Concierge & Coaching Services for Uncoupling Couples

Because each “uncoupling couple” is dealing with their own set of unique challenges and breakdowns, Katherine now creates custom-designed programs to specifically address the needs of each couple she works with. 

Some breakups are more complicated than others. In addition to tending to your own bruised hearts, you’ll also need to tend to many practical considerations. Where will everyone live? Who will get the kids? How should we divide our assets? Just when your world is falling apart, you’ll need to make decisions. Important ones. Decisions that will impact you, and your children if you have them, for many years to come.

When you hire Katherine to create a custom-designed Conscious Uncoupling program just for you, she will meet with the two of you, both individually and

together to assess the needs and challenges you’re struggling with.  She’ll then bring in her team of experts to ensure you have all you’ll need to move through your separation with fairness, honor and mutual respect. 

Each of you will have initial
private time with Katherine to help
her assess your specific and unique “uncoupling” needs;

Each of you will also have your own Conscious Uncoupling Coach to take you through the 6-week Conscious Uncoupling process, hand chosen and supervised by Katherine throughout;

You will also have several joint sessions with Katherine to help you come to agreements around tender issues such as child custody, spousal support, living arrangements, etc.;

Fees for all services listed are included in the cost of your package. All sessions are done on the Zoom platform so you are able to work with Katherine from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home.

The fee for these 3-6 month packages range from $20,000 to $30,000 depending upon your unique situation and needs. 

These packages are for those of you who wish to invest in protecting the integrity of your relationship, the psychological health of your children and extended community of family and friends, as well as your financial assets. The packages are designed to support you both to reach clear, clean agreements that are fueled by the desire to be fair and honorable, rather than risk letting unresolved anger become entangled with the legal process, endangering all you’ve worked hard and saved for.

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