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Yes, It’s Possible to Have a Blame-Free Divorce

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

I was honored to have the opportunity to be a guest on the Real Simple podcast recently to talk about how to know when it’s time to leave a relationship. View the full post here on Real Simple and listen to our discussion on how to have a blame-free divorce below.

Generation X Has the Key to a Happy Divorce

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

I’m thrilled to both witness and inspire the conscious evolution of love in our world. As social architects, we each have power to create meaningful change. Every time we choose to be kind, we are forging new pathways for more loving and harmonious relationships between us all. Read my full post on how Generation X has the key to a …

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Divvying Up Your Assets the Conscious Uncoupling Way

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

Acts of unexpected goodwill and generosity can transform even the most challenging breakup into a more peaceful and kind-hearted parting of the ways. One of the hardest times to put this into practice is, of course, when dividing up your assets. Yet, by offering a “parting gift,” you can turn the tide, and breath new life to the relationship that …

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Conscious Uncoupling on The Telegraph

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

It is a rare and exhilarating experience to have your life, with all of it’s heartbreak, loss, fear and despair… captured in a way that makes all you’ve been through more than worth it… Thank you Anna Maxed for your kind words and for so thoroughly capturing the essence of what Conscious Uncoupling is all about. (And for those of you who are looking …

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Learning to Live Happily Even After

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

It is my hope that we can begin a conversation about how to breakup with decency, respect and honor rather than assume them to be failures. Instead of defining the value of our relationships by the overly simplistic question, “How long did it last?” let us begin asking questions like, “How did I expand my capacity to give and receive …

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Why Serial Monogamy Is the New Marriage

Katherine Woodward Thomas Conscious Uncoupling

Over the past ten years, through my work with my first book, Calling in “The One,” I’ve had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of people how they can attract joy-filled, committed, loving partnerships into their lives. Yet the goal to which they aspire—to find their one, true, happily-ever-after love, is becoming the exception and no longer the rule. …